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BEER ON TAP (changes regularly)

We proudly support Minnesota craft brewing companies.

Surly Furious (IPA), Minneapolis, ABV 6.2%

Pryes Miraculum (IPA), Minnetonka, ABV 6.4%

Castle Danger (Cream Ale), Two Harbors, ABV 5.3%

Third Street Minnesota Gold (Lager), Cold Spring, ABV 4.9%

Barley John’s Wild Brunette (Brown Ale), New Brighton, ABV 7.2%

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Ballast Point (Amber Ale), California, ABV 5.5%

Bell’s Two Hearted (IPA), Michigan, ABV 7%

Clausthaler Amber Non-Alcoholic (Low Alcohol), Germany, ABV 0.3%

Fulton Lonely Blonde (Blonde Ale), Minneapolis, ABV 4.8%

Heineken (Lager), Amsterdam, ABV 5.4%

Loon Juice (Cider), Rochester, ABV 6%

PBR Tallboy (Lager) Milwaukee, ABV 4.74%

Sapporo (Pale Lager), Japan, ABV 4.9%

Sierra Nevada (Porter) California, ABV 5.6%

Stella Artois (Pale Lager), Belgium, ABV 5.2%